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APU IS A WHITE GUY DOING AN IMPRESSION OF A WHITE GUY MAKING FUN OF MY FATHER.  According to the HuffPo article "Is It Time To Retire Apu?”, Hank Azaria saw my video about Mindy Kaling & South Asian representation from Totally Biased and that line affected him. (The internet is amazing!)

"A video circulating online got to him, featuring Kondabolu…The actor credits the monologue with stirring his first misgivings. “If the only representation of Jews in our culture was Robin Williams’ impression of a Yiddish guy [from “The Birdcage,” starring both Williams and Azaria], I guess I might be upset with that too,” Azaria says.”

This has opened up a nice dialogue. Much more than I ever expected and I appreciate the fact Hank Azaria was willing to talk about it. 


I’m excited about “Every Simpsons Ever” on FXX…but still have some things to say about Apu. 

Janeane Garofalo confronts Hari Kondabolu about his stances on Weezer and HBO’s Girls at his “Waiting for 2042" album release show on March 13th 2014 at Brooklyn’s Union Hall.

This clip of my friend Boots Riley describing his band The Coup as a “Punk, Funk/ Communist revolution band” to unsuspecting reporters on Fox 8 in Cleveland is amazing!! Reminds me of that time I was on Fox 5 in NYC.

Hari Kondabolu is touring Burlington (Vermont), New York City, Seattle, Portland (Oregon) and Los Angeles this September: http://www.harikondabolu.com/shows/

(NOTE: Half-off tickets for Sept 21 at Carolines in NYC with code-word “cocoabutter”)


Happy Indian Independence Day! Maybe the UK could return the Kohinoor Diamond as a “gift”?

Hey Brits, India is still waiting! HAPPY INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY 2014!


"So, er, for the non South Asians in the audience who perhaps didn’t understand why there was applause, the British built a really extensive railway system throughout India before they left, and it wasn’t so much for transportation for the Indian people, it was because it’s really hard to plunder on foot."

Hari Kondabolu’s joke about the British colonisation of India [x]

HAPPY INDIAN & PAKISTANI INDEPENDENCE DAYS! Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIxutnYm6Tg


A man in India made A SHIRT OUT OF GOLD and I did a piece about it on Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.

Amazingly, ANOTHER man in India made a shirt out of gold! So I’m reblogging my take on the last time it happened!



Hari Kondabolu was interviewed by Hari Sreenivasan on PBS newshour…marking the greatest moment in HARI HISTORY. We discuss my album “Waiting for 2042,” my amazing album cover, colonialism, my parents, the changing racial demographics of the US, the role of comedy and our shared name.

I’m happy to announce that I will be the “Artist in Residence” at the Asian/Pacific/American Institute at New York University. As someone who considers “standup comedy” an art form, it’s amazing to see NYU recognize this.

In a related legitimizing note, my album “Waiting for 2042" & I were mentioned in the NY Times! I was even called “one of the most exciting political comics in stand-up today.” Glad to see the Times finally catch up with Tumblr! (WINK, WINK)